Awards & Fishing Competitions

Simon England. 20lb 02oz cod.
The wreck and rough ground sea angling from Whitby this last year has been very good indeed. The best catches for us have all been on the Shads. 3″ and 4″ working the best. See all fish picture sections.
We never stop working our socks off when we”re out there, from the start of the day to the very last minute. ( 200% effort and service is given on every trip whether you’re a complete novice or an experienced angler.)
Some really good catches of cod were landed during the winter of 2019 as well, when we got off for the weather! In 3 trips in Dec we managed an average of 60 stone of Cod per day, all caught on ground. Not bad for the time of year. Best cod last winter being around the 13 -14lb mark. This proving that the winter fishing from Whitby can be as good if not better than the summer at times.
The Shy- Torque III continues to prove that your best chances of catching big Cod and big Ling are with us, and we will try our best every year to meet the challenge.

The 6th picture below (please scroll down) was caught by Steve Clay from Hovingham Nr Malton N.Yorks fishing aboard “Shy-Torque 2000” and is the HEAVIEST LING to be caught from Whitby on any W.C.S.A. boat in the last 30 years.
The fish weighed in at a massive 38lb 10oz.
This fish won Steve the 1st prize of £1000.00 in the 2005 Sept competition.

This cod ( below ) was caught by Ken Buckingham of Notts and is our best cod (up to now) at just over 45lbs !

I do aim to crack the British Cod Record before I finish.!!!!

A very pleased Brian Towle from Hull wins September 2012 competition on Shy-Torque III with a cracking ling of 23lb 11.5oz. Brian collected £1050.00 in cash for his winning fish. Well done mate!!

A very happy John Wilcock wins ( 2011 ) Summer angling festival with a whopping ling at 26lb 8oz. This fish is worth £5050.00 in cash to John. Well done mate!!!!!


48 1/2lb Halibut caught by yours truly 28.09.2011. Halibut trips are availablr from May onwards every year.  Please call for details.



Guy Wrightson from Pontefract with last years biggest cod caught in the Summer angling comp. A cracking fish of 17lb 5.5oz winning him £500.00 in cash plus daily cash prize ! Without a doubt the best fish caught in the competition.


Ken Buckingham from Rainworth in Nottingham. This cod was a massive 45lbs and won 1st prize in the fishing festival.

Steve Clay from Hovingham nr Malton, North Yorks with his massive 38lb 10oz ling which won the 1st prize of £1000.00 in the September fishing festival 2005.

Guy Wrightson from Pontefract with a porbeagle of 120lbs. Tagged and released safely.

Phil Cobham from London with a Tope of 40lbs. Tagged and released safely.

Rupert Drury from Terrington nr Malton, North Yorks with his superb porbeagle of 250lbs !! Tagged and released safely.

A very wet John Hudson with his porbeagle of 120lbs. Tagged and released safely. John is on the left of the picture.

A porbeagle approaching the boat.

Craig Simmonds from Harrogate with his 21lb 10oz Ling which won the July 2007 fishing festival winning him a lovely £1550.00 in cash!

Terry Harrison from Halifax, West Yorkshire with the massive ling of 31lbs 11.5oz which won the September 2007 fishing festival. Terry lifted a very nice £1050.00 in cash for his winning fish.

John Wilcock from Bradford with the two winning cod which were to collect him over £6000.00 in prize money in the Summer 2008 angling festival. The fish on the right weighing 20lbs 4.5oz and the fish on the left weighing 17lbs 11.5oz.

John Wilcocks winning cod of 20lbs 4.5oz which won him the 1st place cash prize of £5000.00 in the Summer 2008 festival.

Jim Arthur from Blackburn with his ling of 17lbs 15oz which took 3rd overall heaviest fish in the Summer 2008 angling festival. This fish won Jim a very nice £1050.00 in cash plus tackle prizes !!!!!!!!

Paul Siddle. Summer festival winning fish. Ling 21lb 14oz.


Rupert Drury from Terrington nr Malton North Yorkshire. 180lb Porbeagle caught 16.06.09. Rupert had another 2 sharks on the same day !!!!!

A very happy Mr Drury with another porgy ready to be tagged and released.

Ian Fisher from Guisborough who took 3rd overall heaviest fish of 18lbs in the 2009 July Angling Festival.



John Wilcock from Bradford ( 2008 grand summer festival winner ) with the 2nd overall winning fish of 2009 summer festival.

Anthony Burrows from Lincoln with the biggest cod caught out of Whitby on a 10 hour trip during 2009. A cracking cod of 24lb. To get a good guage of the fish Anthony is 6” 5″ tall !

Winter fishing at anchor December 2009.