About Shy Torque III

Shy-Torque lll  is a “Bullet DS38 Islander” specially built for charter angling work. She has been purposely designed for the angler in mind. Fitted out with top quality equipment she is definitely the best, most comfortable and fastest charter boat working from Whitby at this time.

She has been built with a HEATED anglers cabin which has seating for a full angling team of 8.  If the weather turns for the worse there are no more days of arriving back home soaking wet through and cold like on most of the other boats in Whitby. Because of her length we can often have every angler working down the same side of the boat too and have no ones line running under her.

This boat offers you the customer SPACE AND SPEED!!! (Spend MORE time fishing and LESS time steaming!)

If you book the boat for 8 or less you’ll be amazed at the room!

She has been fitted out with the most modern “State of the art” electronics which gives us navigational capabilities second to none. (positioning to within 1 metre!)  All the navigators (3) are inter-phased with the radar and auto-pilot making A-B steaming not only the safest but also the most direct.

She carries in excess of 400 gallons of fuel giving her an all round cruising range of nearly 725 miles which means the “longer trips” of 12 and 14 hours are easily covered, not that we’d ever have to travel to Norway to catch fish (hopefully!)

The boat has been designed with the anglers comfort and enjoyment in mind. The anglers cabin has enough space for everyone on board. The cabin is heated. Tea and coffee making facilities are available if you’ve forgotten your flask. We will be installing a TV and CD player in 2010.

We do insist that there is NO SMOKING in the anglers cabin and that ALL fishing tackle is kept outside.

The boat out of the water where she gets her full annual check-over. The hull is fully checked over along with prop shafts, propellers and annodes. She also gets a good polishing and anti -fouling.

She is fully licensed and insured and carries a 60 mile code of practice certificate. The governing authority is the RYA.

The Helm

The helm on Shy-Torque lll is by far the most impressive of all the charter boats in Whitby.

The Engines

She is driven by 2 x “New Generation” Cummins 6BTA Diamond Performance Series power plants.

These engines are rated at 365hp each giving her well over 700hp which propel the boat to a top speed well in excess of 25 knots (if the weather is perfect!). She is by far the fastest angling / charter boat currently working from Whitby at this time.

These engines are fitted in some R.N.L.I boats and are a well proven model. The boat inside marina shed for annual check and polish.

We installed a new gate in the transom this winter to make the boating of the sharks much easier. New gate in transom for making the boarding of sharks easier.

The Boat Speed

The speed of all semi-displacement and planing boats is determined by how much weight is on board. On initial sea trials the boat did reach 32 knots!

She will do well in excess of 20 knots with anglers on board but the cruising speed is usually 15-18 knots (given conditions)

Remembering that more weight means less speed most of our clubs are now booking the boat for 8 or less which the big Cummins diesel engines can deal with easily.

We do ask that you keep your weight spread evenly around the boat when she is under way.